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Automation Software

Copytype's range of software solutions can help unlock the potential of your organisation’s digital and paper-based information. We offer more than just printing software: you can manage your fleet online, scan, store and convert documents, print a document from your handheld device; audit and track devices, automate file conversion and collaboration. As document management grows more complex, the right workflow solutions can help your business work better, faster and more efficiently.

Document Management & ECM

Scalable features:

  • Document Imaging

  • Secure Document Archiving and Retrieval System

  • Includes a basic data server

  • Business Process Management

  • Records Management

Document Scanning Solutions

Scalable features:

  • Turn paper information into editable digital data using advanced OCR engines

  • Scan hard copy documents allowing easy editing and transformation

  • Automatically scan directly to existing ECM/DMS systems), ability to add metadata and index documents at point of scanning or MFD

  • Distribute documents to multiple destinations simultaneously (DMS/email/desktop/fax)

  • Card Authentication and Release

  • Includes basic data server

Print Management Solutions

Scalable features:

  • Track Print, Copy, Fax & Scan activity company wide

  • Advanced Reporting and Control Features

  • Recover Printing Costs – internal or external

  • Departmental /User Billing

  • Follow you Print with proximity card solutions

  • Secure print release – pin or proximity card

  • Implement rules and policies relating to print

  • Includes a basic data server

Mobile Printing On The Go

Scalable features:

  • Give business travelers a fast, convenient way to print and pay for print on the go using a PayPal facility

  • Offer secure trouble-free printing to mobile workers, onsite contractors or other guests

  • Print in seconds to the included hot spot compatible A4 colour laser printer using a secure dedicated email address, no need to install drivers or software

Manage Your Devices

Scalable features:

  • Web based management of devices

  • Automate meter readings

  • Automate consumable alerts, notifications and ordering

  • Automate service alerts

  • Generate detailed usage reports

  • Track and monitor user printing habits and re-educate where required

Enhance Your Existing Print Processes

  • Save money by eliminating pre-printed stationary

  • Control & reduce expensive colour printing

  • Optimise in-house mailings and other processes with 1D & 2D barcode generation

  • Includes basic data server

Please call for a complimentary initial consultation where we can look at what you are doing now, how you are doing it, look for possible improvements and come up with constructive and cost saving solutions for you to consider.

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