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Service & Support

We Listen

Copytype listens to its customers and is actively focused on ensuring complete customer satisfaction and improvement.

Service responsiveness and call monitoring

Our automated ‘service module software’ offers real-life time connectivity to our support staff providing current activity’s & detailed status reports on the progress of work, these status’s are colour coded against service levels (SLA’s) to ensure peak responsiveness. At a glance, it is easy to see and act on a required response, resolution or any escalation requirements.

Management productivity tools

Copytype has been providing service since 1981 and has invested heavily developing many tools & process’s over that time that allow us to respond quickly to technical escalations. Our ability to access information to achieve this is critical. Like many large national organisations, information is scattered across a number of databases, our Web Portal CRM provides our support engineers with access to global systems and information in seconds ... and therefore, a fast and efficient resolution to our customer’s problems.

Ongoing certification

Our internal service processes (CSP) and commitment to service ensures we meet the clients minimum service expectations. We also commit our organisation to a continuous improvement program through the ongoing review of our process, which benefits our customers instantly.

Guaranteed fast, reliable & cost effective service

Over the past 35 years Copytype has been focused on providing our customers an outstanding experience when engaging us on any service or support related issues. To ensure this is consistently at an above average level Copytype employs ALL technical staff directly (not contractors), these technical staff are not only highly trained technically but also have been employed for their personality, customer relationship skills and reliability, these are the employees who are the face of Copytype.

Many of our technicians have over 25+ years of experience working for Copytype, with technical expertise on a wide variety of Copytype's Product Offerings; this in conjunction with our product consultation specialists gives you peace of mind that you are receiving the very best care & attention.

When your equipment or software is serviced or maintained by us you can rest assured it is providing you the most cost effective way of keeping your equipment operational and performing at its optimal level. Our engineer’s have instant online access to a comprehensive knowledge base of known technical issues and, where required, allows instant ordering of original spare parts ensuring we take less time in diagnosing your problem and maximising your uptime whilst keeping your costs low and maintaining productivity.

All devices maintained through a Copytype service agreement all come with a ‘Five Year Performance Guarantee’.

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